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Dabba Radio is extremely excited to announce the premiere of our independent music show, The Underground Sound forthcoming later this week. The first episode features an acoustic session with Delhi band Advaita, who also stick around to chat with Underground Sound host, Sucharita Tyagi.  Each episode will also include a discussion on an aspect of the Indian music scene and a feature story or interview.  For our debut episode, Sucharita talks to a panel of guests about the chances of Indian artists abroad as well as how Hindi artists fare domestically compared to English ones. The feature for this episode is an interview with Naresh Fernandes, consulting editor for TimeOut, about the musical heritage of Mumbai. Naresh will also be a mainstay of the Underground Sound as he hosts a section of the show called The Underground Vault in which he brings us tracks from India’s music archive.

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Dabba Radio is still looking to hire a full time web designer.  We’re looking for someone with a creative sense of design and solid programming ability. Write to: opportunities@dabbaradio.org.

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Underground Sound hostess with the mostess, Sucharita Tyagi, takes out the coveted May dabbawalla award.  Sucharita has been integral in the making of the first episode of the Underground Sound; beyond hosting the show, she has also utilised her connections to the independent music scene to secure a number of top-notch guests.

Sucharita obtained a bachelor degree in journalism and mass communication from Delhi back in 2008. But it was in 2007 that her love affair with radio began. Having spent three years as a radio jockey on 93.5 Red FM and subsequently on 92.7 Big FM, she moved to Mumbai in July 2010 to pursue a Masters diploma in film and television studies at Xavier’s. While there, she heard about Dabba Radio and fell head over heels for the concept. She now continues the aforementioned romance and produces and hosts the music show where she combines the two things she's most passionate about, radio and independent Indian music, dedicated to making the 'underground' voices heard.



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Is there something happening around Mumbai or India that you think we should cover? Is there a topic you would like to see a story on? Please email us any information, ideas, thoughts, etc, to nods@dabbaradio.org.  We can then help you record the story or give it to someone else to cover.

Pankaj Athawale, Director of Mumbai University Student Radio, has begun our series on sports.  We promise you there are more sports in India than cricket, and Pankaj intends to prove it.  Balanced coverage, interesting stories, breaking sports: Shot, Yar!

Santosh Sirur gives us another dose of interesting business analysis in the second episode of The Sound of Money.  On this episode, he talks about the effects of allowing foreigners to invest in Indian equity mutual funds.

This month we welcome our new intern, Shruti Patil, to our team.  Shruti is entering her third year at St. Xavier’s College studying Political Science and will be with Dabba Radio until June 6.                              Welcome, Shruti!

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