Welcome to the first edition of The Dabba Radio Dish, Dabba Radio’s tell-all.  2011 has thus far proven to be an exciting chapter in the Dabba Radio venture.  New shows are waiting in the wings, itching to have their voices heard - take a look in this month’s dabba on the right to see what’s in the pipeline.  

Our business show, hosted by banking professional Santosh  Sirur, will be debuting with the Indian budget in the next week.

At last, an Indian sports update not devoted entirely to cricket! The pilot, brought to you by Pankaj Athwale, has been recorded, we’re just adding the finishing touches.

Chhavi Sachdev had her first interview and recording session for our music show, which aims to create a platform for independent music to be heard throughout India.  


Our partnership with youth media platform Jalebi Ink is off and running. We recently held a successful meeting in Mumbai to recruit 13-17 year old reporters and producers who will immediately commence production on India’s first independent youth radio show.  Youths involved in this project will have the opportunity to learn about reporting and producing quality radio content, and improve their public speaking skills.  

This month we welcome our first employee! Nonie Tuxen is our Director of Outreach and Development and she is working hard to get new shows up and running for Dabba Radio. Nonie has flown in from Melbourne, Australia, where she had recently completed a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Nonie has always been fascinated by Indian culture and  spent time in Mumbai volunteering for an NGO before learning of the news and current events ban and joining Dabba Radio.  Welcome, Nonie!

MUST Studio: Dabba Radio has secured professional studio space at Mumbai University’s Kalina campus - a big thanks to Mumbai University Students Transmission!

NEW WEBSITE: www.dabbaradio.org has had a make-over. Check out our shiny new site with links to new pages, shows, and new ways to get involved.


Dabba Radio is looking to hire a full time web designer.  We need someone with enormous amounts of creativity and solid programming ability. Write to: opportunities@dabbaradio.org.