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Bridging The Gap

Dabba Radio has partnered with Jalebi Ink to create India’s first independent youth radio forum.  The show will be written and hosted by local youth.  No experience is required - we will teach you what you need to know to sound great on radio.  Any interested student is encouraged to get involved.  Email for more information.


TiffinTalk is a weekly show with the simple goal of delivering relevant discussion.  Each Monday, host Arthor Danchest chats with informed individuals get a more in-depth understanding of newsworthy issues.  Content can range from business and politics to adventure cyclists and paleontologists.


At Dabba Radio, our goal is to create stimulating content of exceptional quality that covers varied genres.   As part of our mission to create shows that are of cultural significance to our listeners, we endeavor to provide programming that suits any taste - from the Bollywood gossip enthusiast or politics guru to the sports junkie. 

The difference with Dabba Radio is that our shows are crafted by experienced people passionate about the cause of quality independent journalism and they bring this passion into the depth of reporting and commentary on our shows.

The other remarkable thing about Dabba Radio, and radio in general, is its ability to engage users in the content.  The power of spoken word holds enormous sway over the human psyche and we connect very well to other people speaking, whether they be friends, family, teachers, or persuasive politicians.  It is for this reason that radio has historically been such a powerful tool in motivating people to accomplish amazing and sometimes terrible feats.  We are social animals and radio taps into that.

I’ve never seen such a connection between the institution and the audience members. The power of that [connection] is extraordinary. The journalism and the credibility – that’s the obvious stuff. It’s the personal connection that’s the secret sauce.”

-Vivian Schiller, CEO of NPR.  Taken from Fast Company.

So have a listen to our shows and let us know what you think about them.  We love getting listener feedback and we may read your comments or questions on the air.  We are also working on adding more interactive features to our programming - bringing you into even greater contact with the issues that matter - so stay tuned.


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Shot, yaar!

Glancing at current media, you might think that there is nothing to sport but cricket, but there are other sports in India besides cricket.  Surprising, we know.  This show will be breath of fresh air, covering new sports developments in India and abroad, as well as informative discussion on interesting sports stories and history.

The Sound of Money

Every fortnight, banking professional Santosh Sirur brings informed analysis of the latest business news as well as interesting commentary on international business, finance, careers, consumer protection, and business history.  Includes a section on the definition of a business/finance term and a question of the week from listeners.

The Underground Sound

There is so much more music being created in India besides what SRK and Katrina Kaif are dancing to on the silver screen.  We seek out the best new and aspiring musicians and introduce you to them.  Interviews, short documentaries, recording sessions, jam sessions, and of course, music.  Hosted by Sucharita Tyagi.

India Itself

Every morning, we bring you exactly what you need to start your day off right.  In-depth analysis of a few headline stories, plus features on relevant content that may have missed the pages of your newspaper.  The commonality in the coverage is that it is all interesting and relevant and leaves you feeling more informed about India and the world, itself.


The word on technology and gadgets. Technoholic will round up the best and latest tech news, as well as looking towards what is to come in the vast world of technology.

East Meets West

Co-hosted by Chris Lydon and a yet-to-be-identified Indian, this show looks at global issues from the vantage of East and West.  Chris Lydon is the current host of Open Source and former host of WBUR and PRI’s successful show, The Connection.