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The Forgotten Diaspora December 24, 2010

Pashington Obeng is a professor at Wesleyan College and Harvard University who has studied Africans in India for the past several years. We ask him about the history of the African diaspora in India, how their societies fit into India, and what Indians think about President Obama’s blackness.

Microfinance in Crisis February 14, 2011

The scandal involving SKS has raised a lot of questions surrounding the ethics of microlending.  More fundamentally, though, is this even the best solution?  We talk to Nancy Barry, founder of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty and former head of Women’s World Banking about these issues.

Floods in Pakistan: off the headlines but challenges linger October 10, 2010

there is a huge amount of distrust in the government of Pakistan from the world at-large and from its own citizens,” says Imad Ahmed, a prominent journalist from Pakistan.  Hear what he has to say about the aftermath.