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To Pitch Stories to Dabba Radio

We accept story proposals, or what we call “nods,” from anyone.  For more information on pitching a nod, click here. Once you’ve got the basics, send your nod to nods@dabbaradio.org.

General Information

For general information or to submit a comment, question, or correction, please email us at info@dabbaradio.org.

Employment, Volunteering, etc.

Want to work for us?  Send us an email at opportunities@dabbaradio.org and tell us why.


In January 2011, we ran a campaign on the website Kickstarter.com to raise $5000 to support our first phase of operations.  The amount of support we received was overwhelming and we would like to thank all of the donors who supported Dabba Radio in its infancy.  Their names are listed below.

Interested in donating?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to receive electronic donations at this time and we are still figuring out our organisational structure, meaning we are not registered as a Section 25 company or 501(c)(3) non-profit; the business model we are pursuing is called a L3C.  While there is no equivalent in India, the philosophy is what is important.  We will be registered as a Private Limited company in India, but we are a for-profit that has a social goal in mind.  Indeed, we believe the majority of news agencies should have the public good written into their mission, not just profit making.

We are currently seeking investment to cover our first phase of operations.  With our pilot complete, we are ready to move into full time and we need your help.  If you are interested in investing in Dabba Radio, send an email to info@dabbaradio.org

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