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We accept story proposals, or what we call “nods,” from anyone.  For more information on pitching a nod, click here. Once you’ve got the basics, send your nod to

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Dabba Radio is a new and exciting brand in India.  We represent free access to information and the fundamental power of informed citizens to inspire change.  Our mission is to create programming that meets the highest standards of excellence in journalism across a broad range of topics that are of cultural significance to our listeners.

The above mantras can easily be translated into any other field, making Dabba Radio a very attractive partner in advertising.  Our listeners are bright and inquisitive and they are listening.  Make yourself heard.

  1. Program Websites.  Place a traditional banner ad on the website of one of our shows.

  1. Email Newsletters.  Our newsletters are opt-in, meaning only those individuals who want to receive updates from Dabba Radio receive them.  We hate spam.

  1. Podcasts.  The podcasts of our shows are available for download so that listeners can enjoy our content on demand.  Sponsors can receive a 10 second ad at the beginning of the show and that is the only ad listeners will hear during the podcasts.  Short and sweet and uninterrupted.

  1. Mobile Listeners. (coming soon) We want to make listening to Dabba Radio as easy as possible.  If a listener chooses to listen over their phone, when they dial our number and access a show they will hear your 10 second ad.

If you are interested in the above forms of advertising or want to discuss other possibilities for promoting your brand, please get in touch with us.